Monday, August 30, 2010

Pink Boxing Gloves - Reviewed

Many women currently are interested in boxing as well as kickboxing and are looking for the best boxing glove for her certain activity. Pink boxing gloves are very popular and are also manufactured by Everlast, which is really a very well-known name in boxing.

These types of gloves come in various sizes, like 8 oz., 12 oz. and 14 oz. Generally, the higher the oz., the greater the padding. When you use these kinds of gloves for sport and physical fitness, any of these sizes will work, it's only when you get into competitive boxing that you need to worry about limitations on sizing and color of the glove.

Many women may look for pink boxing gloves not just to present their femininity in the excessive sport of boxing, but additionally to show their support for a cure for breast cancer.

The purchase of each and every set of pink boxing gloves benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Through every one of their PINK products, they will support the search for a cure for breast cancer and contribute a part of each sale of a PINK product.

These pink boxing gloves are my own personal favorite and I have used mine for several years. I find they possess outstanding support to the hands, as opposed to other gloves which really feel "loose" and not really as supportive. The components used in these gloves, referred to as EverFRESH, safeguard against smells and microbes. Furthermore, with the patented THUMBLOK feature, it assists to hold your fists and thumbs in the correct position to prevent injuries.

There are several PINK products out there from Everlast which benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the these pink hand wraps happen to be an additional one of those.

This kind of design of hand wrap, when compared to the type that you physically wrap the long strips around your hand, are not only comfortable, but quick to put on. The pink hand wraps suggested right here are like a fingerless glove, and you simply wrap the wrist strap around to your own exact fit. These types of wraps come in small, medium, large and extra large. As a female with fairly large hands, I prefer the large size.

These pink hand wraps equally fit perfectly into the pink boxing gloves. There is no need to constantly remove these kinds of wraps to make use of your normal boxing gloves whenever moving over from heavy bag work to speed bag work. These are equally very comfortable whenever you are including other components to your training such as jump rope and push-ups for instance.

So regardless of whether you happen to be looking for your pink boxing gloves and pink hand wraps just to look like a hot chic in the boxing ring or you just like to buy all things pink to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, you will be very satisfied with what you find in this equipment.

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